I feel empowered to kick off a new journey in my (work) life

I was financial consultant working in a top tier company for several years. People might normally call the likes of me a „high performer“ – highly appreciated by colleagues and supervisor in one of the most challenging industries, and destined for a successful career.
But was I? For colleagues and clients working with me an obvious ‚yes‘, but more importantly: was that what I wanted? Because I did neither feel happy nor successful.

So what to do? Since the straight path to a fulfilled life wasn’t so obvious to me as to other professionals around me, I had to discover why that was and how I could find my own path. This isn’t easy after almost a decade of chasing „the dream career“ in my professional field. So I asked for help.

That is where Kerstin and her team came in to play. Very empathically they used their experience and structure so we could together truly understand my situation. This sounds simple, but was kind of a revelation to just speak it out loud, put it on paper and process that. Understanding where I was at was good, but just the start. We moved on to my deep inner preference about work, family and life in general to better understand how and what work is fitting in to this and fitting to me.

Through this whole journey I have learned a lot about myself and how I can help myself. And I feel empowered to kick off a new journey in my (work) life. After all, high performing or prestige has nothing to do with a happy life. But being happy is the key and I am ready to find that for myself.

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